Friday, December 17, 2010


Do your kids like to play?  Are you looking for a simple activity to keep them busy while you prepare meals and do other holiday  last minute  to do's?  Encourage your child to look up the meanings of the words in French.  Stay safe this holiday season, have fun and learn some new French vocabulary. 

Thursday, December 16, 2010


Enjoy reading the fun facts about sea turtles!  When you are done see if you can do the word scramble.  I will post the answers next week.



Wednesday, December 8, 2010


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Sunday, December 5, 2010


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASELittleton Colorado ( December 5, 2010
CONTACT: Nicole Weaver
Children’s Author
303 263-6346

For Immediate Release
Marie and her Friend the Sea Turtle coasts through cyberspace

Marie and her friend the Sea Turtle/ María y su amiga la Tortuga del mar/Marie et son amie la Tortue de mer
Written by:
Nicole Weaver
Illustrated by:
Ruben Chavez
Ages: 8-12
Outskirts press
Soft cover: ISBN: 9781432723774
Published: March 2009

This story is about the love that developed between a little girl named Marie and a stranded sea turtle. The story tells the struggles Marie had as she helped the sea turtle back out to sea.

Esta historia es sobre el amor que se desarrolló entre una niña llamaba María y una tortuga que vino a tierra para poner sus huevos. La historia cuenta las dificultades que tenía María para regresar la tortuga de nuevo al océano.

Cette histoire est au sujet de l'amour qui s'est développé entre une petite fille qui s'appelait Marie et une tortue de mer qui est venue sur le sable pour pondre ses œufs. L'histoire raconte les difficultés que Marie a rencontrées pour remettre la tortue dans l'océan.

Virtual Book Tour starts Monday December 6, 2010

CLICK HERE FOR THE URL: 2010/11/12/marie- and-her-f ...

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As a loving mom,  I love giving gifts to all three of my children.  Nothing gives me greater joy  than to watch their faces lit up when they open gifts.  The teacher side of me makes me want to not only give material things to my children ,but more importantly the gift of knowledge.  Children tend to easily get out sink with school work when on an extended vacation.  To this end that is why, as a mom and teacher I always provide my children with some fun activities that will help keep their minds sharp.  Putting away just 20 to 30 minutes a day can reap big dividends for children.  The activity does have to be very rigorous, it can be a simple crossword puzzle relating to christmas.  I am posting some of my favorite puzzles, feel free to copy them for your child.  HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

New Website Enables Families to Be There for the Holidays

New Website Enables Families to Be There for the Holidays

IRVINE, CA, December 1, 2010 - Webcam bedtime stories is an innovative new technology being added to the list of family-friendly media, this Christmas. ALISON SANSONE is Creator of BE THERE BEDTIME STORIES, a new website that combines e-books and video of a family storyteller.

Grandparents Read Bedtime Stories with a Webcam
Quote start“We believe this broadens the scope of users and the value to families as a fun and new alternative to existing multi-media products on the market,”Quote end
Irvine, CA (PRWEB) December 1, 2010
The process takes place entirely on the BE THERE BEDTIME STORIES website in three steps: 1) select a children’s book from the bookstore, 2) read the story in front of a webcam as it displays on the computer screen, 3) the child receives an email with the link to view the e-book on the website with video of the storyteller positioned on each page.
The beta website went live in September of this year with over one hundred published children’s books available in the online bookstore. There are one hundred more titles in production with the interface, from five different publishers so far, including ten original works to be published by BE THERE BEDTIME STORIES.
The business model for BE THERE BEDTIME STORIES was inspired by her own problem of living far from her only two nieces, who live in Chicago. SANSONE was working in video production at the time, in Orange County, California. “I was unable to be a part of their development - unable to be recognized when I would visit once a year,” SANSONE explains her frustration. “Bedtime stories seemed a convenient and entertaining activity that would solve that problem.”
SANSONE explains the findings of the initial two months of testing. “The effects exceeded my expectations. When I visited my nieces for the first time after four story recordings, they instantly latched onto me from the moment I walked in the door.”
An additional finding from the beta launch is children were excited to read a story back to family members, regardless of their reading level. “We believe this broadens the scope of users and the value to families as a fun and new alternative to existing multi-media products on the market,” SANSONE concludes.
SANSONE expects grandparents and military families] to see the value of a recorded bedtime story over live or real-time webcam services as a way to utilize more family members for childhood development, and to preserve those family memories for future generations. The stories are priced at $11.99 for unlimited children and there is currently a Buy One Get One Free holiday special. Live storytelling and Mobile App delivery are options scheduled for subsequent development.
Guardian Angel Publishing, Sylvan Dell Publishing, Illumination Arts Publishing and Lobster Press are the initial four publishers to license works for sale in the BE THERE BEDTIME STORIES online bookstore.
ALISON SANSONE, Creator and CEO, started her career in the hospitality industry. After a decade of working in diverse leadership roles ranging from national Quality Assurance Manager to Human Resources Director to Investor Relations, Alison decided to pursue a focus in marketing and business development as her true passion. In 2005, she combined her training in videography with her marketing acumen to start her own company, producing web-based media tools for small businesses and non-profit organizations throughout Orange County, California.
The idea for Be There Bedtime Stories came from a personal frustration, during that point in her career. The youngest of 6 children with just 2 grandchildren out of the bunch, she was frustrated living so far from her only 2 nieces, who lived in Chicago. Her experience with video media inspired the business model of connecting families across miles through the simple activity of a bedtime story.
She began building the business plan in early 2007, but the idea ended up on hold for two years, after the unexpected death of her husband that summer. Beginning in October 2009, she decided to commit full attention to the business plan, dedicating her own personal time and resources to the launch of Be There Bedtime Stories, based in Orange County, CA. The Beta site went live in September 2010.

Monday, November 29, 2010





Another endangered sea turtle of Florida is the Green sea turtle.  This  sea turtle is unique because their body fat is green and that is the reason they are called green sea turtles.

Green sea turtles also differ from other sea turtles because when they are young, they eat meat.  As adults they are the only species of sea turtles that eat sea grass and seaweed.  Green sea turtles lays around 2,600 nests every year on Florida's sandy beaches.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Did you know Florida is home to the most endangered sea turtle in the world?   The Kemp’s Ridley return each year to a single beach to lay her eggs.  Some travel as far away as the coast of Ireland.  The Kemp's Ridley turtle feeds on mollusks, crustaceans, jellyfish, algae or seaweed, and sea urchins . Unfortunately,  due to bottom line fishing many sea turtles never live long enough to reach full maturity.
Bottom line fishing is a commercial fishing method in which a mainline is rigged and dragged behind a trolling vessel.  Fishermen use this technique to catch deep-diving fish such as halibut.  Fishermen are able to catch vast quantities of seafood in an efficient way.   This way of fishing is definitely very profitable, but deadly for sea turtles.  Sea turtles often become ensnared in the long lines.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Here some great links for fun sea turtle activities.  Have fun


The science channel featured a story about a sea turtle that was mangled by a boat propeller.  The turtle has had it's shell partially replaced by a plexiglas one.  After three years of therapy is being  released today.  Sea turtles are in constant danger, it is heart warming that the sea turtle was nursed back to health.  Unfortunately many turtles encounter an early death due to these types of situations.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


THE LOGGERHEAD SEA TURTLE- This turtle is the largest of all sea turtle species. The loggerhead turtle experienced a 40 percent decline in nesting population the last 10 years. They are listed under the Endangered Species Act.  Depending on the species, sea turtles may be carnivorous (meat eating), herbivorous (plant eating), or omnivorous (eating both meat and plants). The jaw structure of many species is adapted for their diet.
Loggerheads' jaws are adapted for crushing and grinding. Their diet consists primarily of crabs, mollusks, shrimps, jellyfish, and vegetation.

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Sunday, November 14, 2010
I love books that are both educational and fun for the twins. Marie and Her Friend the Sea Turtle is a book written in three languages, to help expose children to learning new languages early on. Nicole Weaver, the author of this book, is a veteran teacher of French and Spanish at the middle school and high school level, which is why she wanted to create a book in all three languages.
My Take
This book is captivating with colorful illustrations and a moving plot. It's about a young girl named Marie who strikes up a brief friendship with a sea turtle who needs help getting back to the sea, but her parents have other plans for the turtle. Can Marie save the sea turtle?? You'll just have to read the book to find out!

Marie and Her Friend the Sea Turtle is a great book for kids who are about 9-12 as some of the words can be difficult to pronounce (but if an adult is reading then it's great for all ages). I would highly recommend getting this book for your child!

Cost: You can buy Marie and her Friend the Sea Turtle for $13.45 on ($$$$)

Overall: We give Marie and Her Friend the Sea Turtle a 9/10!

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I am so amazed with how the mother turtle comes to land , lays her eggs and then returns back to the ocean.  The interesting thing, the mother turtle comes to the same shore to lay her eggs year after year.
Her eggs  later hatches into baby turtles.  The baby turtles find their way home back to the ocean.  The male turtle does not return to shore, but the female returns to the same shore where she was born after more than twenty years in the sea.  She waits until nightime, when the tide is high to come to land.  She digs a hole for her body and a very deep chamber for her eggs. 

Sunday, November 7, 2010


The mother turtle  leaves the ocean and comes to land to lay her eggs. Many things can go wrong when these reptiles venture out to land.   Some people take the turtles eat their meat and use their shells to make jewelry.  Others take the eggs and eat them.  In some cases, the eggs may be eaten by dogs, raccoons, snakes, crabs and sea birds.
It is not unusual for sea turtles to get caught in fishing nets. It has been reported that because of so many debris in the ocean many sea turtles suffer an early death when they  consume things like plastic or other thrash thrown in the ocean.
Another major threat to the survival of sea turtles are the many homes, resorts and hotels that are being built near nesting sites.  After babies hatch instead of crawling to the ocean, they  crawl in the direction of the bright lights that comes from the homes, hotels and resorts . 
Now there are laws set in place to protect sea turtles and their eggs. Hopefully with the new laws, fewer sea turtles will die which can help increase the number of turtles in the sea.

The simplest way to help sea turtles is to not throw balloons and other trash in the ocean.  You can also tell friends and family that sea turtles are important to our environment.  You can help raise awareness by doing a report on sea turtles and present the report to classmates.  All of these simple things can add up and make a big difference in helping to protect sea turtles from extinction.
Sea Turtle Conservancy: