Monday, January 3, 2011


Turtle Parts

Carapace of a turtle
Carapace-top shell, an outgrowth of bone.
Flippers-pond turtle has flat feet, webbed toes for digging in mud, tearing food, courtship, sea turtle has broad flippers for swimming.
Plastron-bottom shell
A turtle's scutes
Scutes-scales over both shells, made of keratin like your fingernails
A turtle withdrawing into its shell
Neck-pond turtle can fold neck into its shell in S-shape, sea turtle can't
Nostrils-near the top of head so turtle won't have to stick head far out of water to breathe
Turtle beak
Beak-no teeth, but jagged beak catches, holds, and slices food
Ears-no outside parts to slow it down underwater


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