Sunday, January 2, 2011


Sea turtles migrate for two reasons:
One- Because they are cold –blooded, they need to stay in warm water all year long.  When the water gets cold they migrate to warmer waters.  Sea turtles are very fast, they can zip through the water 20 miles per hour.  They use their strong front legs to glide swiftly through the water with the least amount of effort.
Two- The female sea turtle migrate to a nesting site. One very interesting fact is the female sea turtle have what is called a natural homing instinct.  Homing instinct means the sea turtle eventually returns to the beach where she was born to lay her eggs.
 Even though sea turtles are very fast in the sea but migrating to land is very hard work for the female sea turtle.  It takes a lot of effort for the female sea turtle to slowly drag herself across a sandy beach.    After laying her eggs, the female sea turtle returns to the sea.