Tuesday, October 18, 2011


           After laying her eggs, the female turtle rests for around thirty to forty-five minutes, and then she is ready to head back into the ocean.  I watched the entire process from start to finish.  Unfortunately, I could not take a picture of the turtle when she first came in from the ocean.  The people from the agency forbade anyone to take pictures while the turtle is trying to come to shore.   The personnel from the agency said that the camera light would frighten the turtle, and she will return to the ocean.  The frightened turtle will then lay her eggs in the ocean instead of on land. Lights are timed to go off around eight-thirty each night during the sea turtle season.  The resort helps with sea turtle preservation this one way.

            My third night at the resort seven sea turtles immediately returned to the ocean after a group of people started taking pictures of the turtles as they made their way to shore.  This saddened me greatly because sea creatures will eat the eggs.  Besides, turtle eggs must be buried in sand for a period of two months before they hatch into baby turtles. Below are some more pictures my husband took.   I have a few more I will share in another post.  Happy Reading!

The sea turtle heading back to the ocean after resting 30-45 minutes

Here I am standing in total awe of  having witnessed the sea turtle lay 109 eggs.  

She is about to take off!

I am touching the sea turtle.  I was given permission by agency personnel to touch the turtle.  Totally awesome and thrilling!

A little boy from the resort touching the turtle!

Half way to the ocean!

I am heading back home, yea!

Incredible sight!  The turtle is about to head back and disappear into the blue wonder of the ocean!

She is gone until next time.