Thursday, April 26, 2012


My wish would be to end all the hunger in my native land of Haiti. I t breaks my heart that millions of dollars has been donated, yet the Haitian people are still poverty stricken.  Why are people still living in shacks?  My wish would be to built safe homes for the poor , schools for every school aged child  and to return Haiti's tourism back to a lucrative state.  I do not understand why  there is not an international intervention and outcry to what is happening in Haiti.  It is truly  a tragedy.  In the meantime, all that I can do is to continue to donate my book proceeds to help provide food and shelter for the needy.  After the 2010 earthquake, I wrote the poem below.  I want to thank Ramona for hosting Friendship Friday.  Check out her link here 
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My Haiti was once a beautiful place
now all is left is a people devastated
with more hunger and despair
I will pray for you, I will share my abundance with you
know that I love you, know that I will keep you in my heart always, know that the world will come to your aid
The world over heard your cries my beautiful Haiti, your despair will turn into hope, your tears will be wiped 
do not give up, after the many deluges, the time has come for many colorful rainbows!